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Welcome to Gold Rush Coffee.
We are a family business roasting premium coffees from around the world. Our small-batch roasting process ensures freshness, while 30 years of experience enhances each blend. We think our coffees are among the best available. We look forward to serving you soon.

Gold Rush Coffee roasting organic fresh french roast
Joe tastes a hand-picked coffee cherry amongst the
rows coffee plants at the Carmen Estate in Panama (January 2006).
Gold Rush news

11/10/10 - Check out our new video that was aired on KEET here! GOLDRUSH KEET VIDEO

11/10/10 - Goldrush Coffee is now on Facebook. Click the like button to get connected!

12/15/09 - QUEST FOR THE BEST FINDS GOLD RUSH COFFEE THE WINNER. Read our customer's testimonial here. We want to hear your comment too! Send us your positve feedback to:

11/28/09 - We've posted some pictures from Joe and Karen's trip to Central America in January. Up now are pictures from the Ruiz and Carmen estate farms in Panama.MORE

1/8/09 - One Million Pounds of Coffee ! - While reviewing our roasting log books, Joe and Zanobi recently realized that we will soon pass the one million pound mark on our current roaster later this year.MORE

Gold Rush Coffee is celebrating 25 years of roasting at our Petrolia, California roasting facility. Since the early days of delivering coffee to just a few local grocery stores we have grown to make our coffees and espresso more available throughout northern California and now nation-wide. MORE

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Gold Rush Coffee is proud to be a Humboldt County business. Among the many wonderful things about our little corner of northwestern California are the crisp Pacific air, verdant landscapes and innovative people who live here. Ours is a largely rural county that maintains a welcomed sense of separation from the more urban parts of our state.

We value these qualities and are taking steps to reduce our impact on the local environment. MORE

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Where can I get Gold Rush Coffee?

  • Right here at
  • In your home or workplace by calling in your order
  • At one of our two Gold Rush locations in Eureka, California
  • In many fine restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops throughout Humboldt and Mendocino Counties
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