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Looking for a Good Cup of Coffee ?

Coffee is unquestionably America’s national breakfast drink. That being so, one would think that just living in the States would guarantee multiple sources of really good coffee. Sadly, this is far from the truth.

Several years ago, my wife and I went on a quest not just to find good coffee, but great coffee. We shared a love for rich black coffee and owned the essential equipment, which included a drip coffee pot, a burr grinder, a filtered water source, and a gram scale. The gram scale allowed us to measure coffee by weight, rather than by volume, thereby providing the same amount of coffee, regardless of the roasting time.

As our quest time accumulated into years, our friends became involved in that they suggested, and some times gifted us with countless samples of coffee from Hawaii, Jamaica ,Brazil, Peru, and multiple private roasters in the United States.
We tried them all and had a lot of good, fair and mostly disappointing results.

Quite unexpectedly our search came to an end. We live on the eastern coast of the United States, not far from Manhattan. My wife was visiting a newly born grandchild on the west coast, and on the way to the airport, her son stopped and bought her three bags of different coffee roasts from the Gold Rush Coffee company.

We were very surprised to discover that Gold Rush was the source of what we had been searching for. After several purchases to nail down the best Gold Rush Coffee for our particular taste, we shared our discovery with friends and neighbors. One particular convert, a retired executive, went so far as to send each of his grown children a supply of beans to be kept in the freezer to be used whenever he visits.

We still try the occasional challenger to our champion, but no roast has come close. If you want a great cup of coffee, go on line and give Gold Rush Coffee a try.

Bernie Olszowy
New Hope.


Gold Rush Coffee is celebrating 25 years of roasting at our Petrolia, California roasting facility. Since the early days of delivering coffee to just a few local grocery stores we have grown to make our coffees and espresso more available throughout northern California and now nation-wide.
  Gold Rush Coffee 25 years organic espresso

Where can I get Gold Rush Coffee?

  • Right here at
  • In your home or workplace by calling in your order
  • At one of our two Gold Rush locations in Eureka, California
  • In many fine restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops throughout Humboldt and Mendocino Counties
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